Band Members

Dave “The Chief” Pyne

Lead and backing vocals and occasional rhythm guitar. Dave has dabbled in music most of his life but didn’t join a band until an impromptu jam session at a friends house unexpectedly led to him joining Vinyl Legacy as Lead Vocalist. Dave brings his own style to the band, one which he constantly hones to improve live performances. “It’s a real thrill to get out there and play live music! I love to entertain. It just took me a while to realise it.”

James Pugh

Lead and rhythm guitar and backing vocals. James is the youngest member of the band, born and raised in West Yorkshire. He graduated from Leeds College of Music where he studied Popular Music and continues to enjoy and study a broad range of musical genres.

Norman Smith

Bass guitar, backing vocals and live sound engineer. Norman grew up in Horden, County Durham. Prior to picking up his first guitar at the age of nine, at three years old he was learning piano and drums. He got his first taste of live performing when he covered for a drummer in his dad’s band. At fourteen years old, he met Mick Curry and from there they both performed in various bands, always together, until they formed Vinyl Legacy.

John Rutherford

Lead and Rhythm guitars. Originally from Scotland, John studied at Kings School, West Yorkshire. John met Norman in their school days. Following thirty years service in the British Police Force, he is now retired. John started playing the drums at an early age with a young band named The Concords. Later on he played rhythm guitar in the band Rain with Mick and Norman, before joining Vinyl Legacy with them a few years later.

Mick Curry

Drums, lead and backing vocals. Born and raised in West Yorkshire, Mick started playing the drums at an early age and would play on anything that would sound a beat - even down to pans and buckets! Then, at seventeen years old Mick became a member of his first band, The Zanties. Mick and Norman have played in bands for over fifty years together before finally forming Vinyl Legacy.

Trevor Sergeant

Session Lead/Rhythm guitarist and backing vocals. Born and raised in West Yorkshire, Trevor met Norman and Mick in the 1970s, around the same time that he began gigging. Before he became a member of Vinyl Legacy he was a member of many bands, including, Summer Love, Blue Fern and STAT where he played lead guitar. Aside from gigging with Vinyl Legacy, he is a member of a band called The Detours.

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